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Therapeutic flying

Softness along with acrobatics, love felt by touch, dynamics and wisdom of yoga, all to create the art of healing. Therapeutic flying, touch coming from deep yoga postures are given to the flying practitioner who is hanging safely on the feet of the base practitioner.

IMG_2274The flier gets a massage by using special yoga postures. This communication builds trust and becomes a bridge to the open and supportive environment which allows a special releasing procedure that the flier experiences during his stay in the air, supported by the feet of the base practitioner. This trust is been built between flier and base by verbal and physical communication and creates (besides the special emotional aspect) release and relaxation to the heart. Freshness and relaxation of the spine is happening without creating pressure on the vertebrae of the flier. This practice helps to develop balance, flexibility, power, and awareness of the body.

Meditation accompanied by Tibetan bowls

IMG_0845-thumbThe Tibetan bowls were founded with a deep understanding by the first people of the Himalayas and Tibet. There is a powerful influence of sound on the existence of the universe. The sounds of the bowls express the frequencies of the universe and can create deep changes within the man. The people of the Himalayas understood that these sounds which effect the animals, plants, and inanimate life of the world can surely heal the spirit and body of man, bringing him to a deep connection with the universe and raising the man to higher spiritual levels. The sound allows re-tuning of the human body, realigning the existing parts (physical, mental, and spiritual), and due to this practice re-tuning to a life at the frequency of the divine and cosmic.

A Tibetan bowl is being put gently on the body of each person. Each person gets a personal and unique experience.

The bowl which is placed on the persons body activates an inner vibration thorough sound. This vibration works on all dimensions: body, soul, and spirit and opens a door to inner balance and the path to harmonious activity between all of these components.

The inner silence that is created after these activities is a stage for personal expansion of each person. This harmony is based on the ideas given at the beginning of the workshop. The base of movement and yoga is known to create relaxation that allows expanding to inner peace.

Shanee Habari

258_13918147957_9759_nA musician, singer, and composure. Producer and creator. Therapist with Shiatsu & Acroyoga. Leading workshops and owner of a music studio. Several years ago she was acquainted with the Tibetan bowls, fell in love, and from there the world of music connected to the world of meditative movement to create a unique and touching experience.

Through playing, singing, movement, and yoga she intertwined herself- the second chord- that combines between all the worlds through observation of the spaces between.

I feel, move, sing, dive and touch the layers of the person in front of me and together create a light that bursts outward.